1. Anticipate new era of digital self promotion by creating this !!!
  2. Get into dreamed university
  3. Complete my Personal Constitution
  4. See a Ballet performance
  5. Manage to find a partner/ partners to work on my project: transfer humanities knowledge into models
  6. Find the answer for my life time questions on religions
  7. Travel to Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet
  8. Travel to Middle East
  9. Involve in refugee rescuing projects to be fully understand their life, joy and hardship
  10. Backpacking around Vietnam
  11. Learn history of my mother and father’s hometown
  12. Study designing
  13. Study creative thinking
  14. Intern in financial sectors
  15. Write biographies for anyone
  16. Go running with dad and watching films with mom
  17. Play Cello in a Symphony and meet Yo-Yo Ma
  18. Read most of the books in the world
  19. Dance ballet on the stage
  20. Dance in a traditional European ballroom and dress up like an aristocrat (but prefer to be an ambitious agricultural daughter)
  21. Swing in Jazz and Tango
  22. Enjoy life at every moment as Thich Nhat Hanh said
  23. Inspire people and assist them to realise their potential and self- power

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